25 and 45 on two bodies w flash on each enough for wedding reception

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Need 17!

Fotoloco wrote:

I am wondering if mounting a 25 on one body and the 45 on another with a 12 in the pocket would be enough for a wedding reception. The 45 should be plenty long, the 25 will cover a whole bunch of the rest, but I wonder if I will miss the quick access to the wider end that a zoom would provide. I am not really a wedding photographer. I am very good in the studio, but that is a different game. I use to do some here and there years ago. I have full frame DSLR and the lenses, but like the u4/3 for many reasons. I have been pressed into service for some friends that do not have the $ for a good wedding photog. I explained my limitations to them, and they are fine with itI I am stressing a bit.

You really need a 17 + 45 and not the 25 (if you are dead set on shooting primes). 25 is too tight for groups and anything wider than 17 generally will distort too much. Just the 17/2.8 is fine (you don't need to resolve every one of grandma's whiskers!). For blurring the background, your 45 will be ideal.

When using flash, a kit lens stopped down will be fine as well.

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