How do you organize/mark your Eneloops?

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GMack Senior Member • Posts: 2,928
Re: How do you organize/mark your Eneloops?

I use a Brother P-Touch label maker.  I put the ma/h capacity on them and the test date of the capacity made by one of these chargers:

I do this about twice a year for all of them.  Takes about a day or better to run the battery test on the above charger as it drains and refills a few times during the test.  Then it gives you the "real capacity" - or an outright failure about to show which I'll toss them out pronto.  Then I label it, or peel off the old one for a new one, with the Brother P-Touch.

Aside, some of these "claimed" 3,000 ma/h AA batteries are a total joke.  Maybe only 2,200 ma/h in reality.  The enleoops seem to be much closer to their stated value, but I have discarded some too as they seem to loose an internal connection rather than go weak capacity.  Still, I'm very pleased with them overall against some other brands.


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