Canon SX40 versus Canon SX50

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Re: Canon SX40 versus Canon SX50

Lens speed and exposure. The 40 was actually a 2.7 and the 50 is actually a 3.4 at the wide end. In real world shooting, at least outdoors, you will rarely use the wide angle at its widest aperture anyway."

Perhaps if you are a birder. but if this is your all around camera you'll end up using it a ton wide open at the wide end.

For example I was just taking a few pictures with my S100 of the kids riding bikes. Cloudy, just after sunset and the camera is on wide and wide open.

This seems to be  trend with canon, slower and slower lens. They did the same thing when going from the uw cameras going from the D10 to the D20  (I think that was 2.7 to 3.8 or so)

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