FZ200 w/ TC-E17ED vs SX50 (1020mm vs 1200mm)

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Re: FZ200 w/ TC-E17ED vs SX50 (1020mm vs 1200mm)

flektogon wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

1020mm vs 1200mm...180mm advantage SX50...would you like me to shoot the Canon at 840mm then compare the images?...lol...

Haven't gotten out with the two Jomer, as soon as I get out with them we'll see how they really compare...

Even though the focal length is close, they exhibit vastly different DOF, so you can't make any comparisons.

And yes, please reshoot those pictures using the same focal length (maximum of the FZ) and the same f-ratio (minimum of the SX). Then we would be able to make a valid comparison.

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