An argument for the G15

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Impossible to judge if not full size picture !!

Jack144 wrote:


Are you basing that on my images? How high would you go with the ISO based on the images?


Just looking at those quickly, the ISO 3200 looks pretty good to me. Definitely as usable, I'd even say a touch cleaner, than ISO 3200 (which I use regularly) on my 7D. For what I'm going to use it for anyway.

Having said that, it looks to me like the details drop off significantly as you go up in the ISO's....would that be a fair comment?

So far I did not see ANY full size picture posted here, so to me it's impossible to judge any of those picture, any picture posted with reduced size will look good from any camera, so why no one post a full size sample ?? is there something to hide ??

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