My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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Re: My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

BSweeney wrote:

I bought a Canon 50/0.95 from Ebay for $200 about 10 years ago, put it on my Canon 7, and could focus wide-open and close-up without the aid of a magifier. The Canon 7 uses a 0.8x magnification, windows are closer together: ends up being about the same on the M9. I use a 1.25x magnifier on the M8 and M9, can focus the 50/1.1 perfectly.

A good, well-calibrated Rangefinder is one of the most accurate methods of focusing. It does require perfect calibration. When I "shim" lenses, will often change the shim to the last 0.01mm based on "pixel-peeping" with the Leica M9.

You do not notice as much focus errors or focus shift on the Canon 50mm f/0.95 on the Canon 7 because film emulsions have a thickness of 13 to 20 micron and this thickness disguises slight focus errors and focus shift because the grains are spread over the total depth of the emulsion and has nothing to do with the magnification of the viewfinder.

If you want to use the Canon 50mm f/0.95 lens as a fair example you need to refer to one that was converted to M mount and used on a digital M body as well. Even if converted to M mount and calibrated accurately it is not possible for that lens to not exhibit any focus shift or work accurately at all ranges after conversion. You can "shim" the lens as you say but will not work accurately on a digital body. If close focus distance is accurate the mid to infinity distance will be compromised. When mid and infinity distance is calibrated then near focusing accuracy is compromised.
I also see references that the Voigtlander f/1.5 lens is better than the Voigtlander f/1.1 lens. A lens with smaller aperture in general has better performance than a lens with larger aperture.  It is only fair to compare lenses of the same aperture size. Stopping down a lens is not the same. The sharpness and resolution of a 0.95 lens stopped down regardless of the brand (SLR Magic, Leica, Canon, Schneider) are not compared on fair grounds to a lens designed for a smaller aperture. People who have really used and owned 0.95 lenses will know what I am talking about.

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