Nex 5n, macro, flash, kit zoom, +10 diopter

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Re: Nex 5n, macro, flash, kit zoom, +10 diopter

(contd. since dpreview kicked me off during upload!)

I just picked up a Vivitar 90mm/2.8 Macro lens last week for $90 off EvilBay.  You can get 1:1 natively without tubes (even greater magnification if you take into account the NEX 1.5x APS-C Crop).  The lens is also a lovely portrait lens with smooth Bokeh when wide open.  I got it since there aren't a lot of options on NEX.
It's odd Sony chose 30mm for its Macro E-mount debut except perhaps low manufacturing cost.  I guess it's a bit of a niche lens.  Working distance is much more comfortable with telephoto and above (~15mm for 1:1).
Here's a shot from this afternoon with the Vivitar. Cropped and only 1.5x mag, since I had dark patches from the low profile Flash!

"Hover Flies"  - NEX C3 / Vivitar Auto Telephoto Macro 90mm/F2.8

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