Is your market driven by quality or by network?

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Re: Is your market driven by quality or by network?

Hi Amarillo,

That's true, I entirely agree.

In days of most dispair, I've always thought that myself: I tried to put myself on the other side (the ones that are hiring) and figure it out that I would do the same as they are.

Why would I hire the unknown guy, when I can pay just fine another photographer whose reputation I've been hearing for the past 15 years?

I mean, in the client's POV, both Jack and Bob display the same (or close enough) "quality", so that's not the deciding factor. It's their reputation, so you can trust on Jack's deadlines over Bob's.

So I've tried to stay cool, and hang on the longest I can, till I could build my own reputation.

I reckon my network is actually limited (6 year career vs 10 / 20 years from other folks).

But I also realized these folks control the market where I live. They are top of minds (they share 80% of the pie).

Those remaining 20% of the market are not enough to make a living. Right now, I'm going for the 35th day without any assignment, and that's enough to know you're picking a fight you can't win.

I don't plan to completely stay away from photography. I just need to add any other source of income, and have photography as a hobby (or maybe a comeback, but that would be in the future).

Anyway, really thanks for all your kind help! I trully appreciate it

To all that helped, really really thanks!

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