Future of G1 X "line" in mirrorless "race"?

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Re: Future of G1 X "line" in mirrorless "race"?

Hopefully, Canon will continue the G1X line - if not, I have one and I am very happy with it. If Canon can improve AF and overall speed on a G2X, it would be a perfect camera. The lens/sensor combo is top of class. Interchangable lenses change the equation. A bajonett mount on the camera and the lens produce additional cost which needs to be reflected in the price. If price cannot go up (because of competition), qualtiy of the lens is likely to be reduced to save some cost. And I am not sure if a bajonett mount allows the lens to be as compact as it is on the G1X without reducing zoom range. When the M came out, I didn't see why someone would want such a small camera behind a large telezoom. Still don't see it. If the purpose of mirrorless is small, then why have interchangable lenses at all?

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