Olympus E-PL3 a good choice right now, or something else for the same price?

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As a previous EPL3 owner and current OMD owner, I'd get a cam with the newer 16MP sensor

The increase in resolution isn't necessarily the reason; it's the greater dynamic range and higher ISO performance. In good light (outdoors, very bright interiors) the older m4/3 sensors did an OK job, but in contrastier scenes and low light its limitations were a handicap. Both of my earlier m4/3 bodies showed objectionable noise above ISO 500 and didn't have impressive dynamic range.

I use my D700 as a benchmark - and while I don't expect the same performance from a smaller sensor - I know how the D700 would handle a similar scene.

The OMD is significantly closer to DX DSLR levels of dynamic range and high ISO ability than its predecessors - professional reviews come to the same conclusions. You're not going to get FX DSLR levels of performance but the smaller body of a m4/3 camera is the pay off. The newer m4/3 sensors make a lot less compromise than the original ones.

I'd wait for the EPM2 to get to a price that you're willing to pay. I might have bought an EPM2 if I'd known it would be released this early after the introduction of the OMD. I like my OMD but it's still not as small as my old EPL3. I might be willing to give up the OMD's viewfinder to get a smaller form factor with the same performance.

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