Future of G1 X "line" in mirrorless "race"?

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Rod McD Veteran Member • Posts: 4,952
Future of G1 X "line" in mirrorless "race"?


I've been one of the people posting to praise the G1 X, its features and IQ.  Obviously I like the camera despite its limitations.  I've also participated in a few threads since its release about what might need upgrading and what might appear in an upgrade model - which most people have referred to as the "G2X".  However,  I've started to wonder lately whether it's likely that there will actually be an upgrade model at all......

Personally I think it would be a pity to lose the great lens/ sensor combo.  However, the mirrorless market is hot at the moment, with new models emerging from a number of manufacturers in 2012. The threads are full of "I leave the DSLR home more and more often" - usually in relation to size.  That should bode well for the G1X line, but I actually I wonder whether the high grade fixed zoom/large sensor compact might fall to competition with its ILC cousins.

The only really fundamental difference between a G1 X and a MILC is the fact that the lens is interchangeable.  I don't know whether Canon will pursue both a fixed zoom camera with an 'almost APSC' 1.5" sensor and their APSC EOS M.  I suspect that it won't take all that long for them to release an enthusiast photographer's M model, which will probably have a 100% EVF (which will better the G1 X's tunnel OVF), on-sensor PDAF (which will better the G1 X's CDAF) and more analogue controls.

If you're prepared to look further than Canon - the world is your oyster.  The APSC Fuji XE1 looks like competition.  The Sony NEX 6 is also an APSC MILC with a high grade in-built EVF and on sensor PDAF (which has yet to be proven, but bodes well).  If the new retracting 16-50 lens is good, the NEX6 with one of those might well answer the longstanding criticism of the concept that the camera plus lens is just too big. No-one who buys a MILC has to change lenses and I suspect that a good many people who buy these cameras will only ever use the matched zoom, just as for DSLRs.  That places the G1X squarely into an overlapping market and although these cameras are all dearer and a tad larger, they may offer more or resolve some of the G1X's issues (ie Poor OVF, slow FPS, long MFD, CDAF v PDAF, no remote, etc).

Food for thought.  Anyone else have a view about this?


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