Oil spots on my 5D3 sensor :(

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Re: The really confusing thing ...

birdbrain wrote:

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear enough, prior to this 5D3 I have been able to clean the sensors on my cameras quite happily. But whatever is on my 5D3 sensor won't budge even giving it a wet clean with a V swab and sensor cleaning fluid. All of which I have happily carried out on my previous cameras to great effect.

I think whatever is on my 5D3 sensor nears some sort of industrial cleaner

Now I could try again and again to remove these spots, I have tried two wet cleans to no avail, or I can send it in. I think I will send it in especially as they can then sort out the dust inside the focussing screen and while they have it the light leak also.

So I am quite happy at cleaning sensors myself but when what you are trying to remove refuses to budge, even after two wet cleans, I think its time for Canon to take a look myself.

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I wondered why the ball kept getting bigger, then it hit me.

I tried the "safe to mail" fluid and swab on a used body that was really bad, and it didn't do much, so I tried some methanol from our lab and it did the trick. I would try to get some eclipse and give it another go. : )

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