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Re: SSD Back-up

William Pesch wrote:

Thank you for all the valuable info.

I will be doing a new computer system build using Win 7 and Icy Bridge CPU and (maybe) the SSD main system drive.  That's why I was asking.

Something new here for me is this drive alignment stuff and the 'offset'.  What and how do you do this?  Is the offset value automatically set up when doing this?

Does all this info come with the SSD drive?  Using a standard hard drive, formatting was all you had you do.

When you build your new computer, just install Windows 7 on the SSD and it will automatically install itself with correct partition alignment since Win7 is SSD aware.  You'll note that the restarts that are required during the Win7 install and software installs will happen so fast, it will be a joy.

Google 'SSD partition alignment' and a lot of info will be found including how to verify partition alignment and even youtube videos on SSD partition alignment.


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