DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

bwheeler350 wrote:

MisterBG wrote:

It puzzles me as to why people think it essential they  replace their software immediately it loses manufacturer support.

My copy of IDImager has not self destructed or ceased to work. It's still doing the excellent job that it always has and I see no reason to consider any alternative.


For my purposes, IDImager ceased to work when I got a Nikon D800. The large NEF files failed to process consistently. Thumbnails displayed with a red "X" instead of an image. I hoped for a 64 bit version to solve the problem, but the announcement of no further development rules that out. After some study, I've concluded that my current needs will be met by Lightroom 4.2 well enough to justify the transition work. Already happy with making the change. Hope others find good solutions too.

That's fair enough, if it won't work it don't work, and if I were in the same position then I'd find an alternative.

Out of interest, did you try a trial of "Photo Supreme" as a replacement for IDI? I've been playing with it, and although I've become more familiar with it, I still don't like it anything like as much as IDI. I looked at some of the other alternatives but I still haven't seen anything that works in a way I feel comfortable with. I've trialled Lightroom as a raw developer and I cannot get on with it, plus the number of problems that people are reporting having with it also puts me off. I'd also prefer not contribute any more money to the monster that is Adobe.

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