Wow, Moose Peterson recommends the D600 over the D800.

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Re: Wow, Moose Peterson recommends the D600 over the D800.

He gave ONE REASON for the recommendation, the E4 setting and to me that's ridiculous. Unless that feature is used constantly how can that outweigh a better camera? What about all the features and settings the D800 has over the 600? All trumped by E4? Moose isn't a far cry from Rockwell, changes his mind daily.

A week ago someone tweeted him asking where he would use the D600 over his D800 and he answered he don't know because he hasn't used the 600 yet. Surely before buying a camera wouldn't you have an idea where it would work for you? The D600 is a great camera but if you already have a D800 not sure where you'd grab the 600 instead.

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