Birding with Canon Superzooms - New & Old

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Re: Birding with Canon Superzooms - New & Old


Your shots are superb. I am a birder first, photographer second so I really appreciate people like you and Joms who share their bird shots. It also means I see a lot of bird shots on a wide range of websites. Although I am a HS30 user I must say that the SX40 produces the most consistent and best shots.  One thing that has come out though is a bit of disappointment over macro on the Canon. Here I do find the HS30 has been really good.  I've not seen much comment on the SX50, maybe because Canon users are so pleased with the SX40 - don't blame them.  Personally I wonder if Canon has gone too far on the zoom? I see very few birders using the Nikon P510 with great success.  Also I'm not seeing much from the Panasonic FZ200 that warrants moving on up from the FZ150.

One thing that is for sure, the current range of super zooms is immensely popular with birders and there are many great images out there.

Thanks again for sharing, even if you got a bit lost


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