D600 + 50mm f1.8G

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Re: D600 + 50mm f1.8G

The 16-35 is a great lens, not quite as sharp across the frame as the 14-24 wide open but comparable at f/5.6 and f/8 and more versatile with a wider focal range and VR (and alot less expensive). I bought it as part of my migration to FX so I have never used it on any other camera but my D600. My main reason for buying the lens is architectural photography and for this it is ideal since the lens sweet spot is between 20-24mm where it achieves the sharpest results with the least distortion. I try not to shoot below 20 for architectural photography since the perspective looks too exagerrated. I have tested it at 16 and there is alot of barrel distortion and light falloff in the corners but the D600 corrects this in camera when shooting JPG or you can easily do it in CaptureNX2, Lightroom, or DXO.

At the 35mm end there is slight pincushion distortion and this is probably the worst FL in terms of sharpness but it is still quite sharp and and functions as my wide normal lens for general photography where the VR really comes in handy.

I really like the 16-35 and 50 as a combo for general photography. The 50 is what I have been using on the D600 most of the time but occassionally I need wider and the 16-35 fills that gap with a very useful focal range while still being great for architectural photography. I also still have a D3100 body and the 16-35 would be a great wide-midrange zoom for that camera if I ever wanted to take both the D3100 and D600 out together.

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