SX260 vs S100/S110

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Re: SX260 vs S100/S110

Thanks for the great points.  I actually just got home with an S100 (checked the serial number to make sure it's outside of the lens error range).  If I'd read these latest posts, I probably would have deliberated even longer.  It's true that I'm probably skewed by my experience with my SX200 - from what I can see they definitely made huge improvements in the line since then.

Anyway, looks like i've committed to living without the long reach lens.  I've been looking through my photos a lot lately, and I realized that about 95% of my favourite photos are at 5x or less.  As I mentioned at the top of this thread, I was comparing shots at 100% using dpreview's tool, and I didn't see that big a deal in IQ, but I think the brighter lens, the extra external control, and the smaller size are what swayed me.

The store had just received the S110, but I decided to stick with the S100 ($350 vs $430).  GPS > wifi for me, and I can live without the touch screen for 80$.

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