Photoshop PS 5 question

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Re: Photoshop PS 5 question

Neil J wrote:

Hope someone can tell me what’s happen to my PS5.I was sick and in hospital for 2 1/2 months .When I booted my computer my hard drive had crashed. Reinstalled PS 5 on new hard drives and now when I drop a photo into PS5 the picture is plaid. I can ether click one + or - and the picture is normal. If I click + or - again and I get the plaid picture again .It goes on and clears up on next click. Any ideas what going on with this installation.

My Lightroom 3 installation is ok.

Hope I put this where it’s understandable


Hi Neil,

Just taking a stab at this:

Wondering if you have "Pixel Grid" turned on?

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