C-mount wide angle

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Re: C-mount wide angle

I have been trying out a few wide angle C mount lenses for the Q,

This is from a 2.5mm C mount...

The rest are from a Cosmicar Pentax 4.8mm f1.8 fixed focus C mount lens. I think all were at f2.8 for these shots. As it is fixed focus the flange length has to be perfect. The lens has the ability to shim it to get this correct, from the factory it had 2 shims in it. I found that by unscrewing it from the adapter about 1/8 of a turn the lens was sharper. For now I put a small piece of paper between the lens and the mount to act as a shim. By unscrewing it further you can close focus too.

This last one was before I shimmed the lens/adapter.

So far I am liking this lens on the Q. Very discrete, nice FOV and the fixed focus really lets you shoot quickly.


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