Dx format is not dead yet...

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Re: Dx format is not dead yet...

Nikon already has the 24mp sensor in the D3200 why not put it into the D400 (or D8000/9000) but have the higher FPS and D300s pro body. Well known Kirk Tuck on his blog site, who has bought and tested the D3200 in an earlier article says its is a very good image quality sensor being Sony sensor. The D600 in DX crop mode is only 10mp and the DX crop of D800 is not 24 mp, but 12/16mp I think. Who wouldn't want full 24mp in DX mode from a D400 with D300s pro body features and build. I would certainly and would upgrade my D300s (backup to my D700). The extra focal reach with more MP in DX is worth the advantage, if the speed in AF capture is there and better camera build quality and better low light capture like the D7000 (with PostProcessing). My guess is Nikon, wants the early adopters to buy D600 first, and wait long enough before introducing D400 like maybe 6 months or maybe early next year. I can wait. D300s is still good as backup camera and lighter with carrying along many DX lenses, than D600 with many FX lenses for hikes, travel, paid work etc. Kirk Tuck in his blog Visual Science Lab (today now 9 million page views) uses the Sony APS-C sensor cameras SLT cameras a57 and a77 many times for professional work with success. Pro work with APS-C sensors (DX) with quality lenses is good enough for him. Nikon with high end DX with better sensor with good low light capture of D7000 similar tech sensor still makes sense to develop or sell, and throw in good video is also good and useful for certain professional work requiring speed of capture or focal reach. Rumour spec at 1800 dollars for body will work as well. Pros who want it would buy I think and also consumers who want high end with longer reach at high MP but lower cost lens investment. My guess a D400 is still in the works from Nikon and may come by early next year.

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