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I'm the op and I used to shoot a bunch in B&W.  Let me rephrase that---I converted a lot to B&W from color.  In film days I shot good old B&W.  then i started seeing some color work of some of the greats currently and have been playing a lot there, for the last 4 years.

It seems now though I'm not really satisfied with taking a raw file and converting and using color channels to boost or soften , it just doesn't seem to have that range, even when I was just starting off in digital, and wondering about the type of monitors, my eyes, to much PP, etc., so any advantage to shooting in the monchrome straight from the camera.

Leica, of course, came out with their camera(completely out of my league)but my understanding it has more to do with sensor filters or something to that effect---hench my question of shooting raw monochrome straight away and any decernable difference from color conversion---ron s,.

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Ah, well, the RAW file still has all of the color info in it. So if you're not using a RAW converter that can read and apply the Nikon PCs, you will end up with a color file that needs converting. The PC is just a flag to Nikon's software to tell it what kind of processing to apply to the RAW file, whether that software is the in camera stuff or one of their products for your personal computer. Obviously, you'll get a lot more fine control over the process if you do it in post but sometimes you still hit a winner SOOC.

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