Discreet Bag for D600

Started Oct 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
chimphappyhour Regular Member • Posts: 476
Re: Thinktank Retrospective Series

Another vote for the Retro 20. Perfect urban walk about bag as long as you realize the limits of your shoulders while loading it up. If you're not used to slinging a heavy load over one shoulder, it will wear on you quickly on a long day of walking. Lightly loaded, it isn't too bad but it is very easy to load this thing to the gills.

Other bonus points for this bag are the really nicely padded and textured shoulder strap. They include a rain cover which works great for brief rains and drizzle but it does leave the part against your body exposed so any water running along there will soak into the material. I've not seen it soak into the inside of the bag though. The velcro silencers are a great touch that other companies copy now. Due to the flap design though, you aren't quite as protected against drastic climate changes so for those times of year, I lay a plastic bag the top of the equipment and secure the flap over that. It seems to do the trick until the bag can acclimatize.

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