Re: Canon EOS 60 D qualified for professional shooting?

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Re: Canon EOS 60 D qualified for professional shooting?

These days, the term "professional" has such a broad, general meaning, that answers will vary.  If a person is a "professional" when they earn money with their camera, then yes, it is a "professional" camera, since I've done quite a bit of free-lancing with my 60D.  I am pretty sure it has the same sensor as the 7D but does not have the control and responsiveness as the 7D.

The 60D is a 1.6X crop sensor, not full frame.  I recently purchased a 5D III which is full frame.  In bright sunlight, under easy light conditions, either camera is great.  In low light, there is no comparison--the 60D lags far behind.

The 60D is a wonderful camera for the cost.  By spending 3X or 4X times more money on full frame camera, the images are not 3X or 4X better in regular lighting conditions.

You're ignoring one important component and that is the "glass".  The lens makes or breaks the camera when it comes to sharpness.  I would consider the lens as important as the camera body in making the decision as to the camera being "professional".

If you only have a fixed amount of money to spend, spend it on good quality lenses that can be used indefinitely as you move up the camera body chain.

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