Ricoh to introduce Full Frame camera and 3 new modules for GXR

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Re: Ricoh to introduce Full Frame camera and 3 new modules for GXR

audiobomber wrote:

Hi Tom. It appears you are missing the point. I have seen many, many similar threads in the past. They are always acrimonious, because some people think it's acceptable and even funny, others have a very different reaction. It doesn't annoy you, fair enough. But it does annoy some. All you have to do to confirm this for yourself is to look at the reaction here. Several posters objected to the content and it generated 18 thumbs down.

I've also seen a similar 'cry wolf' poster in one of the Nikon forums get torn a new one by all the angry replies. Ironically, he would have probaby preferred the anonymity of the thumbs down system compared to the irate personal attacks he subjected himself to with his little joke.

Myself, I didn't give a thumbs either way as I knew before even opening his thread that Joel isn't the one to be breaking such news so I was expecting at best it would have just been another hypothetical thread. Perhaps this is what Joel means by knowing him. And it's easy to assume when this forum get as slow as it has recently that only the regulars are bothering to visit and read so he felt it okay to do so. You and others who aren't so regular/familiar more likely opened the thread full of expectations of receiving actual news, which more likely leads to annoyance.

PS. I fell for that K-3 April Fools too - months later!

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