HS30EXR or X-S1?

Started Oct 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
AlanJones Junior Member • Posts: 32
Re: HS30EXR or X-S1?

I just purchased a X-S1 from New Egg for $540 with a sale price plus an email promo code. I received it yesterday and checked it out for any of the issues people say they have. Nada! No orbs and the barrels turns smooth and stays where I position it . Hooray for not having to stress over a repair!

I am very impressed with the size, weight and responsiveness.Having big hands it is perfect for me. I like the weight and it makes me feel good that the premium price I paid was for more than plastic and cheap glass. I look forward to posting some photos soon. I, too, have offloaded my DSLR package for this all-in-one. Buying glass can keep a man in the poor house. I have never been so glad to have a point and shoot until the X-S1.  I am completely happy with this purchase.



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