New to DSLR, thinking about getting nikon 3200

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Re: New to DSLR, thinking about getting nikon 3200

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I was worried that no camera would satisfy me until I put the camera on the tripod and let it stay open for 30 seconds. Just simply stunning, complete darkness the pictures look like middle of the day with no distortion . I now have 1 major issue and 1 minor issue. Since I live in Maine it gets cold during the nights. I assume this isn't good for the camera. Is there any way to keep the camera warm?  Also is there a way to focus a camera that you're unable to see the subject (due to being pitch black out)

Yeah, if it gets really cold and humid/wet (from snow or mist), the moisture might damage your camera. When you store your camera in your camera bag, stash a few bags of Silica Gel (the same ones inside vitamin bottles, shoe boxes, etc.) with it. It will suck the moisture.

I might have misunderstood your 2nd concern, but if you are having problems focusing on your subject in extremely dark places, switch on your AF-Assist Lamp. It will turn the lamp on when your focusing so the camera knows where to focus. However, if the lamp would be bothersome for other people in the dark room, then manual focus is the way to go.

Also, I may add in that you can update your Adobe Camera Raw plug-in of your Photoshop so you can view RAW files from current cameras.

I like the gel idea, I'm not sure if I'm going to go with gel, but def something that sucks out the moisture.

I tried Adobe PS CS3 but the ACR only goes to 4.5. According to adobe to get the higher ACR's you need to upgrade to CS4-6 respectively.

You've reached your quotient for questions/answers on this thread.  Just shoot by your own self for awhile and see what you come up with.

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