Does anyone else think the RX100 is overpriced at 650 USD?

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Tom Hoots
Tom Hoots Veteran Member • Posts: 6,072
RX100 is worth every penny.

jonikon wrote:

but instead I bought a Nikon V1 

And thus, this is nothing less than a Nikon troll.

What do you get for the price of the RX100?

Weight low enough to be pocketable.

Size small enough to be pocketable.

Collapsible lens that makes it pocketable.

Notice any commonality here?  Most of the folks who want an RX100 rather than a Nikon 1 series camera are looking for a fully pocketable camera.  It's something that the Nikon 1 series just can't do.

And, as others have mentioned, you can spend $400 on a Canon S100.  The RX100's one-inch sensor is going to increase the price just a hair over that.  And so will the RX100's lens.

And so on.  Between the RX100's image quality and its features, and the fact that it's all rolled up into a fully pocketable camera, I certainly think it's worth every penny I paid for mine.

Oh.  And finally, you can rest assured that I won't go into any Nikon forum and repeat what I've written here.

Tom Hoots

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