E-M5, E-PL5, E-PM2... or wait?

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Re: Waiting for E-P5.... maybe

Well, they upgraded it. It's a new display technology in the E-PL5 - they just didn't changed the size / aspect ratio what some hoped for. I'll give it a try and guess I'll be fine with it - for framing it should be more than enough.

The big pro for me of this display ratio is that the camera is almost one cm smaller than the e-pl1 was, which "can" be a big deal if you want to transport it with a pancake in your pocket. This won't make everyone happy, but well - it's the Pen "lite" so size and a nice display for video mattered for them I guess. E-PM and E-PL on one side, E-P and OM-D on the other side...guess that's still their strategy. The good thing is that the price of such cameras doesn't drop too fast in a half year - at least here in Europe. So you shouldn't loose that much money if you start with E-PL and maybe switch in february (or whenever) to the E-P or OM-D if you didn't liked it. Or get a used OM-D and sell it if you don't like it...usually you won't loose more than a few bucks if you buy/sell such a popular camera these days.

I wish Olympus would give as  a new EVF with an integrated pc flash jack As far as I've read the EVF doesn't really use the flash hotshoe for anything more than just holding it in place. So it should be possible to produce a new slightlly larger evf with pc flash jack.

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