How large can D700 print?

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Re: How large can D700 print?

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

... Its best for prints to be done in 72ppi multiples

Ah - you must be using an Epson.  I understand why it works for you.

What we really want is to use a resolution that is multiple of the mechanical resolution of the printer - to achieve at least a 4x4 array of printer dots for each pixel.  On an Epson with a resolution of 1440 dpi, a 72ppi image gives you a 20x20 dot array.  What we don't want is to use a resolution that causes the printer to use a fraction of a dot - which it cannot do.

Here's my chart for dot array/ppi:

Epson 1440 dip

4x4 = 360 ppi
5x5 = 288 ppi
6x6 = 240 ppi
8x8 = 180 ppi
9x9 = 160 ppi
10x10 = 144 ppi
20x20 = 72 ppi

Anyone serious should build a chart for dot array/ppi.  You'll see some non-obvious resolutions, as well as some to avoid.

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