What Sigma ILC has the best quality?

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Re: What Sigma ILC has the best quality?

ArcticBeach wrote:

RetiredInFlorida wrote:

it might be better to tell us what you are going to shoot.

I primarily shoot landscapes, flowers, odd little things that catch my eye.  Its turned into a reason to get me off the computer and out getting exercise.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/dwardca  The first two pages of my photostream sum up the type of photographs I mostly take.  I keep photos of people private.

I've tried doing some street photography.  While I love watching people and would love even more to photograph them in their wild habits and habitats - I'm far too inhibited by the creep factor it projects and legal / privacy issues that may arise.

Compounding on top of this - I have had a few coworkers push me to get more into portrait photography.   I don't know if they are looking for cheap portraits or they simply see my shyness coupled with my passion for photography and feel they should "help" by nudging me in that direction for personal growth.   My wife is a teacher at a Greek church and they are crazy about photography for weddings and baptisms - so there is definitely a path there for me to branch into if I was so inclined to do so.

are you shooting for yourself or to make money?

If and when *I* feel I can stand behind my work in portraits and photography in general - I'd love to do it semi-professionally.  Not so much for the money, but more for the opportunity to fast-track my photography experience - I've seen more than a few locals who take horrible shots but proclaim themselves photographers .. and after three years have actually evolved into great photographers - sometimes being thrown to the wolves is the best way.   I am by far the toughest critic of my own work.

if i had 5 G's just fun - DP2M for landscapes - Nikon D600 for general over all shooting. an Epson Printer.

My wife and I are pretty tight on what we spend money on for ourselves - most of it goes toward our future.  But we do get about 5-6 grand every spring for income tax refunds and take turns each year in spending it.  Its like Christmas for us adults.  So I wouldn't say that I have 5 grand just for fun ..    it would mean going without any kind of purchases for another two years... so naturally I want to spend it wisely on something I'll get something out of.

if your shooting to make money - Nikon D800. i think its the best overall shooting camera.

wedding photos - Canon 5DIII. prefect! jpegs are soooo good at getting colors right its not funny.

I'm still waiting for the camera to be released so I can see some actual in-the-hands testing, but I think the a99 is where I'll be going for a main-stream camera.   Its comparable or better than the other cameras and I can reuse my existing glass investment.  Getting a DP2M or DP1M in addition to a popular mainstream full frame may be great advice.

$2800 - A99
$1500 - Zeiss 135mm Prime
$1000 - DP1M/DP2M

That's almost on par with my available budget.

skip the Sigma DP2M
your gallery shows you need 3 lenses to cover everything you want to do.

i would not buy an A99 when you have the money for a D800 $2,579 USD
cropping from a D800 has to come into mind when looking at an A99. which brings up you need to buy a macro. it doesn't need to be Nikon.

i would go on the Nikon board and tell them you have X money for 3 lens. 1 has to be a marco.
nothing wrong with buying used glass. it will give you more options.

hope you get it figured out.

by the way - your Lakebridge Farms photo. that's money. if you don't have that one hanging i the wall - you should.

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