Think twice before buying an Apple machine for your photo work

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Doug Bale
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One more word about AppleCare

I've been using Macs for 28 years. For the past 18 of those I've been using them for photography and graphic design. I have never had a Mac break — nothing, ever, anywhere — but I still buy AppleCare with each new one, and it's paid for itself over and over.

Here's the deal: I buy a new Mac when I need to do some thing or things that my old one was never meant to do — probably something that hadn't even been imagined when the old one came out. And it does it (or them) just fine. But in a year or two the techno-wizards will have dreamed up a bunch of new things that my Mac can be made to do, and it almost always involves complicated tinkering with bits of the machine I've never had to know about before. Usually that goes just fine too, but every now and then the tinkering will get me into trouble — this program freezes, that file vanishes, the whole system burps and goes comatose. That's when AppleCare pays for itself, as far as I'm concerned. Nine time out of ten, five minutes on the phone with an Apple agent has me back in business. Sometimes half an hour. Once it took a second phone call.

Sure, Macs break — some Macs — eventually. Pretty much everything breaks eventually. Looked at the pyramids lately?

Bite the bullet. Buy the package.

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