Have I got this wrong (warning --- geeky subject)?

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Re: Have I got this wrong (warning --- geeky subject)?

Shunda77 wrote:

This is very interesting.

So basically the d3200 is never going to reach any where near its potential without the best possible glass.

And this on an entry level camera?

I am more convinced than ever that its 24mp sensor is primarily a marketing gimmick than a genuinely useful feature.

Perhaps, but I see it a bit differently. I doubt that more than 10% of all the owners of DX and FX sensor cameras that have sensors with greater than 12mp resolution routinely take advantage of all their resolution. But for the small percentage that really do make good use of that resolution, as long as the features and speed of the far more expensive DSLRs isn't needed, the D3200's high resolution is a lot more than a marketing gimmick. It's a serious photographic tool at a bargain price. Based on what I just wrote, you could still say that the D3200's 24mp sensor is still a marketing gimmick, but I'd rather say that considering the competition, it's more a marketing necessity.

Most photographers don't realize how hard it is to get the most out of their high resolution cameras. They could put > $2,000 lenses on their D3200s and most of them would still not be able to take advantage of its potential. Not long after people began upgrading their 12mp D3's and D700's to the far more expensive 24mp D3x, Thom Hogan reported that a good number of those FX owners were complaining that they weren't seeing better results from the D3x and there was a good reason why. Having good glass wasn't sufficient. How many D3200 owners own good tripods/heads that cost as much (or more) than their camera, and how many know what shutter speeds to avoid when using long lenses or know to use mirror up with a remote release? The D3200 has the potential even if it isn't always reached. Nikon's kit lenses are remarkably good considering the price and even if the D3200 won't reach its potential with them, it can come pretty close as long as wide apertures, the best low light performance and the features and controls of the higher end cameras aren't absolutely needed.

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