What Sigma ILC has the best quality?

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Re: What Sigma ILC has the best quality?

ArcticBeach wrote:

So I'm curious:

Is the SD-1 Merrill still the flagship product or is there other cameras that have since come out that do a better job?

Anyone know if there is a full-frame Faveon planned?

But wait!  I see Michael Reichmann's A99 Field Report mentioning the AA filter and how it blurs images.  So I start to Google which cameras don't use the Bayer filter.  I find the Fuji X series, but I've already discovered they suffer other problems due to the wider uneven spaces between pixels.  Then I find a review for the Sigma SD1.  Quite impressed.  Then for over 4 hours yesterday I scour Flickr and other sites looking at photos taken with the SD1 and every one of them are just amazing quality.  What really blows my mind is when I view at 100% - I see exactly what I expect to see.

So the SD-1 is a few years old.  I've read about a lot of problems with it, and the fact that virtually no software can develop the RAWs (outside of the bundled).  But despite all of this - I'm still quite intrigued.

The price demanded for the SD-1 is pretty steep (even after its price reduction) considering its lack of features and the fact that once you cut through the 42MP marketing mumbo jumbo its only a 15MP APS-C size sensor.


it might be better to tell us what you are going to shoot.

are you shooting for yourself or to make money?

if i had 5 G's just fun - DP2M for landscapes - Nikon D600 for general over all shooting. an Epson Printer.

if your shooting to make money - Nikon D800. i think its the best overall shooting camera.

wedding photos - Canon 5DIII. prefect! jpegs are soooo good at getting colors right its not funny.

i bought one of the 1st SD10. it started as a hobby. just went 'legal' selling my photos.
my site - 96% shots are sd10 http://michigan-landscapes.com/index.html
because my target is landscapes. i will be getting the SD1M next year before i go shooting for 3 months.

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