My new 15mm f8. Cheap...but disappointing.

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Re: seems ok to me

intensity studios wrote:

the pics you posted don't look that terrible for a $50 lens. I see this more as a toy camera lens where you play around with it and embrace its flaws.

But I could be completely wrong because I don't own it.

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Exactly what I was thinking.  You have to approach it as a toy lens that sparks you to make different types of images, as tool to spark your creativity.  It's similar to when I tried a Fujian 35 1.7 CCTV lens.  It has weird swirly bokeh, wasn't incredibly sharp, but it was a blast to shoot with.  Like a Lensbaby but instead of costing a couple of hundred dollars it was $29.95 from Amazon.

Still, I'm not sure what you were expecting but a lens with no aperture and that is likely a simple triplet or doublet is simply not capable of the kind of optical performance of a proper lens.  The good thing is sometimes these kinds of lenses get us to think differently, and approach photography with a fresh set of eyes.

Lastly, I actually think the image with the bikes (PA123028) doesn't look that bad.  In general with this lens you may need to turn the radius up on the USM a bit more than with your better lenses, but distortion is low, and acutance looks adequate for many situations.

Anyway, it's a cool looking lens, and not too expensive so don't sweat it.  Use it in health and enjoy.


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