How to make a K-mount mirrorless tiny

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Re: How to make a K-mount mirrorless tiny

KL Matt wrote:

Hi Roger,

but that's just it -- none of these are good options.

rogerstpierre wrote:

Option 1: If all you want is a thin body, simply build a protruding lens mount, but you'll get what you have in the NEX Series, a small unpractical body attached to a big lens !

I think a lot of people actually bought the NEX cameras precisely *because* the bodies are thin and, to some, elegant. Compactness used to by a Pentax virtue. The problem with the protruding mount is that it's still not a very compact camera when you mount, let's say, a DA 15mm. Compared to a samsung NX with their 16mm 2.4 mounted, the K-01 + DA 15mm f/4 is a beast! Just look at this:,285

Yes, look at what Samsung have done. If they can do it..... what's all the debate about?

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