On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

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Re: On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

reps2 wrote:

Looking at the D600 Manual (RTFM?) I find:

1 Turn the camera on.
Remove the lens cap and turn the camera on.
2 Focus the viewfinder.
Rotate the diopter adjustment control until
the AF area brackets are in sharp focus. When
operating the diopter adjustment control with
your eye to the viewfinder, be careful not to
put your fingers or fingernails in your eye.

Could it be that the OP did stick his finger or fingernails into his eye, and that it is this that stops him getting a clear view through the viewfinder?

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HA.  I did see that in the manual, because, as simple as this is, I surely RTFM'd before sending the thing back (twice now).  I also confirmed via Nikon tech support that there is no lock on this knob.

It is amazing though, based on my posts on Amazon.com customer reviews, how many people think I must be a complete idiot who can't figure out his fancy new camera.  Apparently there's a lot of that on the internet these days.

I also wonder if I didn't have such a high post count and long tenure here if I wouldn't be getting similar treatment here....

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