New to DSLR, thinking about getting nikon 3200

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Re: Oh yes it is :)

Gotta shoot raw for pity's sake.  Can't be throwing away two thirds of the information provided by the sensor before you even get it into the computer. White balance after the fact and highliight headroom being but two prohibitive advantages.

My oft repeated :^) recommendation is Lightroom 4.2, which if you study it a bit is the fastest and easiest way to tweak your pics.  Does a really good raw conversion *automatically* when you download from the camera.  Set your sharpening, clarity, vibrance, etc. and save it as your default import preset or create others to select with a click.  Hell of a lot easier than fiddling with in camera adjustments.

Lightroom will also provide the sterling benefits of CS6 ACR 7.2 Process 2012 which has to be seen to be believed without having to upgrade your Photoshop, which would then be relegated to the occasional work with layers and masks or content aware fill.  Lightroom opens Photoshop with a right click anywhere in your pic.

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