New to DSLR, thinking about getting nikon 3200

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This is the first forum I've entered newly and got quick and insightful input. Thank you very much, its greatly appriciated.

You can "get around" your software not recognizing nefs from the D5100 by just shooting jpegs for now.  Don't tell me that at this early stage of your DSLR life you've been convinced you need to shoot only raw?  That isn't so.

Yes it is!!  I made the mistake of shooting JPEG only when I first started then learned to shoot RAW only.  I still kick myself in the butt when I look back at some of those early once in a lifetime JPEGs and realize how much better they could have looked if I had the NEF to play with now.  Only takes a second or two to turn a NEF into the exact same JPEG only file the camera would have taken using the free VIEWNX2 software.  Turning the camera JPEG into a NEF is impossible.


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