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Marco Nero
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EOS-M + Firmware Updates + BAD marketing.

Cameras like the Canon PowerShot Pro1 were given a bad review here on DPreview because of two things:

1. The screen blacked out as a picture was taken

2. The AF was slow in low light.

A Firmware Update was immediately released which resolved both problems simultaneously.

Many have suggested that the review here should have been updated to more fairly reflect the camera's abilities but it never was.  And the original review was therefore used by many to justify not buying the camera.

But the early released information of the test-model EOS-M suggest that it had a very accurate AF but that it was slower than some competitors.  They all noted that the EOS-M they were given to assess and examine was not the final version and those cameras even had a label on them to remind viewers that it was far from the final product.

If it has a noticeably slow AF, then Canon should NOT be showcasing it with their L-Lenses and Pro-L Lenses like they've done in the picture below.

EOS-M cameras mounted on all types of Canon lens.

So the question that remains unanswered, even now... just days before international release, is just 'how slow is it?'  Is the EOS-M like the Canon 60D which hunts for a focus lock if you use the LCD?

If it's as "slow" as the G1 X was reputed to be, I'll be thrilled. Because I can still capture what I want and the G1 X performs very well.  But touch screen cameras mean you can't just look down at a glance and tell if your settings are right on the dial.  Another problem with introducing yet another type of control interface like the touch-screen is that it will be somewhat alien to the new owner who shoots with other cameras and may not intuitively know how to access their menu quickly.  Personally, if you don't need to change settings often, I think it will be easy to use.  I also think that Canon are taking a HUGE risk by producing touch-screen rather than manual control dials on this new type of camera (for them) because it's very hard to justify buying one when you know that a touch-screen was introduced as a cost-cutting method rather that a technical achievement.  People who want a good camera want access to controls with a glance.  Sure, there's supposed to be a pro-version in the works but that's all hearsay.  There's no evidence, just distant rumors.

Canon Lens Adapter.

Canon want you to buy a lens.  They want you to buy lots of lenses actually.  So why charge us $200 on TOP of the already overpriced EOS-M body?  All that's going to do is act as a deterrent.  None of this makes any sense unless you're a shareholder because this is a CHEAP camera for Canon to make and it's going to rake in a lot of money for them.

Canon are advertizing this camera in Japan as "a ladies camera" and as much as I'm for equality of the sexes, there's nothing about that label that makes me want to buy a "woman's accessory".  Canon won't DARE advertise this outside of Japan but seriously, why taint the water well any further by not simultaneously releasing a "macho" version with external switches to appeal to the Pros that might want a camera like this as a backup?  It makes no sense at all and it's a perfect example of BAD advertizing behavior and bad market strategy.  Because if the "ladies version" generates enough bad reviews for whatever reason, no future version or update is likely to get them to make the same mistake twice.

We don't like to waste our hard earned money in the middle of a global financial crisis.  So give people top quality for their dollar.  That includes an Auto Focus that can actually perform on par with the competition's products.

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