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GegeNY wrote:

Very interesting Jim, thank you so much.

I will think about all that and I will let you know if I decide to upgrade.

So you think I will not have any problem updating my BIOS with Windows 7 now installed instead of Vista? This because I need my computer!


For program running purposes, there wouldn't be any difference.  Win 7 is nothing more than  Vista with some bug fixes and enhancements (they use the same kernel "under the covers").  So, if a program runs on one OS, it will run on the other.   It's not something that even needs installing.  It's just a simple .exe you click on to run that updates your BIOS firmware.

I've never had a failure updating the BIOS on any of my PCs.   I tend to update them as soon as newer versions come out as a matter of practice.  I do the same thing with drivers.

Sure, there is always a chance of something going wrong, just like there's always a chance of something going wrong updating the firmware in your camera or other devices that have updates like that.

But, the update program for the BIOS is not something that needs to be installed or anything.  It's just a stand alone program that you click on after you download it and then follow the on screen instructions, and it's not even OS dependent since it will run on 32 bit or 64 bit versions of XP or Vista. They design those types of programs to be simple on purpose to avoid operating system specific issues.

I'd probably close all running programs and disable your AV protection temporarily to be safer.  My guess is that the on screen instructions are going to tell you something like that anyway (close all programs before continuing, do not interrupt it until it says the update is completed).  You don't want anything else eating up memory when you run it (although with 4GB, I doubt you'd have an issue even if were running other stuff at the same time, I'd still close all running programs to err on the safe side doing an update like that).

You just download it, then click on the downloaded program to run it, as stated in these instructions for it:

Again, you can get the BIOS update here:

Basically, you want to make sure you do not interrupt it during the update.  So, I'd make sure the battery is fully changed and you're running from the AC adapter when you run the BIOS update program, and be careful not to touch any keys until it's finished.

As long as you don't interrupt it while it's updating your BIOS firmware, I'd consider it a low risk update.  I've done BIOS updates a number of times on my computers without any issues (again, I usually update my PCs as soon as BIOS updates are published for them).

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