US Unemployment lowest since 2009

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Re: US Unemployment lowest since 2009

Morris Sullivan wrote:

You have to be careful with that generalization though. If a job is of little value to the employer and there is a willing workforce with little needs (think kids living at home and spouses looking for a side job) then I feel it is not advantageous to force an employer to over-pay based on a standard "living wage". If the company shuts down then there are no jobs.

If a company shuts down because they can't fill jobs which they pay the minimum wage for, then the jobs must be important enough to pay three four bucks an hour more.

A "living wage," i.e. a job that allows you just enough to live - Really isn't much. If I had to, I would do any kind of work that kept body and soul together. But to enslave me? I'd rather rob banks.

When I was a kid, I did anything that paid enough to live. And I did that on the minimum wage. There is dignity in any kind of work that supports you - There is no dignity in slavery.


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