Henry's Camera Show Toronto

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Re: Henry's Camera Show Toronto

I just got back from the show.  I checked out the Fuji cameras...don't own one yet.  I still really like the x100.  The X-pro 1 was a joy to use.  I know a lot of people have complained about the auto focus but honestly I didn't have a problem with it at all.  It's not lighting quick like some cameras, but it was fine.  I really liked the camera, it fit my hand just right and felt really great to shoot with. The hybrid viewfinder is awesome.

I'm hoping the XE-1 is a pre-production model.  The evf was terribly choppy and laggy, so much so that I did not enjoy using the camera.  It was pretty bad.  The slightest movement and it lagged, obtain auto focus and it lagged.  Beautiful camera...if they can get it to perform the same as the xpro then it will be fine.

If I were buying a Fuji camera right now it would be the x-pro 1.  A really terrific camera.  The hybrid viewfinder and the slightly larger size would be worth the extra money for me personally

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