Aperture 3: Every date is January

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Re: Sounds like something is 'stuck'

prime wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

Being fearless and not completely put down by failures is a good prerequisite. Regarding the re-install of Aperture, do you have another optical drive you could use? And if the problem seems specific to this DVD and not your drive, you could call Apple. They have been helpful with lost SN for Aperture with me, maybe they also have a solution for failing install media.

Unfortunately, although we have four working computers here, only one, a MacBookPro, runs OSX (one of the other three is a removable media driveless Retina iPad, and the other two run eComStation -- née IBM OS/2), so the only working optical drives are not compatible with the MBP.  In addition, we have a Netflix subscription, so I have some DVD movies around, and I find that the MBP rejects those also, so I guess I have a hardware problem.

I'm not sure whether the Aperture install DVD is in a format that can be read by your other computers, but extracting the installer and putting it a network share (or a USB stick) might work if you need to re-install Aperture for some reason in the future.

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