Aperture 3: Every date is January

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Tom_N wrote:

Here's an Apple article you might want to read.

Apple - Incorrect date or time displayed in various applications in Mac OS X

" … For example, if you delete the "Jan" date element (Month) from the Medium date format field, and type in "January", all dates displayed using the Medium date format will display the month as "January", regardless of the actual month … "

I had modified the system date format so that the units progress from larger to smaller and no internal punctuation is needed (that is:  ​2012 October 13​ rather than ​October 1​3, 2012​).  I must have done that a ​LONG​ time ago, because I cannot recall ever having accessed the View drop-down menu of System Preferences before (though, obviously, I must have done so).  Over all that time, however long it was, the Custom date/time setting never had caused a problem in Aperture until the last six weeks or so; it never affected any other program, ever.

Changing from Custom to United States solved the problem.  And it was even possible to go back to a Custom setting thereafter and the problem in Aperture remained solved.

Thank you for ferreting that article out.

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