"Answered" threads not working as intended...

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Re: "Answered" threads not working as intended...

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R Butler wrote:

If a question has been marked as 'Answered' then there should be a 'View the answer' link at the bottom of the original post, which will take you to the selected answer.

Richard - dpreview.com

The problem I've found is that the selected answer is often not the right answer.

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If you're saying the OP selected an answer different than the one you think is the right answer, that's not DPR's fault - you either don't agree with the OP or the OP selected the wrong answer.


Though if the question was asked by someone completely unfamiliar with the topic, and multiple conflicting answers were given, the OP is perhaps the last person to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and select correctly.

Still, I've seen this elsewhere online, someone asks a question and then rates an incorrect response as the best answer. Unfortunately future readers of that page might be misled too, in addition to the OP.

There are questions where picking the right answer is relatively easy. These are questions like: 'How do I X?', or 'This piece of functionality of my camera/lens/computer/application does not work, how do I get it working?'. But a lot of questions here are completely different, more of the type: 'What is the best?', 'Is A better than B?'

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