Buying a Leica - like buying the baton of hate?

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Re: Buying a Leica - like buying the baton of hate?

borgein wrote:

I recently purchased a MM after selling absolutely all of my gear (complete X-Pro1 kit, other cameras, lenses, absolutely every accessory including filters).
Now I have only one camera and one lens. And that's it, and I couldn't be happier.

It seems like I can't even mention the word "Leica" or post pictures with "Leica" in the EXIF without creating a shitstorm of rude comments from people that without has to - without being provoked:

1) Prove that their gear is better and of better value
2) Tell the world that everything related to Leica is crap
3) Based on 1000x1000px jpeg exports for the web start bashing the IQ
4) Try their best to convince users that AF is better than MF for them, even though they clearly prefer MF
5) Get very technical, start talking about pixels, processing power, the amount of grey tones in a 14-bit raw file and how it is useless compared to film anyway, etc, etc, etc...
I am not even interested in a technical discussion. I don't care for technical details, sharp pixels, megapixels, the number of tones in a 14-bit raw file, etc, etc, etc, etc. but STILL - without even mention one single technical thing - these comments seems to come and haunt me no matter what.

Why? It's almost as if mentioning "Leica" means "I challenge you to prove me wrong on the decision I made - use what you got!"

I previously owned a X-Pro1 and was a member of a different forum since the X-Pro1 was released about 10 months ago and as soon as I mentioned the fact that I sold my Fuji gear there and bought a Leica people started talking crap straight away - without me doing anything to provoke them at all! After a few hours of back and forth I ended up deleting my account permanently. There's no point in wasting time on prejudice and pathetic people that has to step on others to feel better about themself or their gear or whatever the reason for their strange behavior is.
I do get a lot hits on my blog though. But I'm not sure if it's for the right reason.

Anyway, is this normal? I have only recently purchased my first Leica so this is kind of new to me.

Greetings - and welcome on a new board with your MM!
Sad to read your experiences with the LEICA gear...but I do hope you can enjoy photography for yourself and you have lots of fun too with your MM.

Looking forward to see some of your MM pictures in upcoming threads.

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