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re: from N7 shooter's perspective - no, not tempted yet...

npires wrote:

Any of you who used to own a NEX-5 and have a 5N and are thinking about the NEX-6 ... or those who went to a NEX-7 can you share your opinions please.
I'm thinking of upgrading to the NEX-6 but ideally I want something that has a noticeably good image quality difference. Reason being where I pixel peep is when I shoot imagery of the moon. To get super sharp results I take videos and stack them. Will the NEX-6 crop video? Also are the stills at 16MegaPixels be that much greater than my NEX-5's 14.1? Also noticing the NEX-7 can be had with the kit lens for only £30 more than the NEX-6 with powerzoom.

...perhaps ​should there be a very good evidence that the new HDAF actually works well for fast action shooting & tracking​ then I'd consider N6 as a second body, but not otherwise - and by "works well" I mean a real (that is challenging) situations of subjects moving​not in a plane parallel to a sensor​ = that is either  advancing or receding towards/from a lens, or at least moving diagonally, as movements parallel to a sensor's plane are not in fact different from shooting static scenes, the only diff. is the need to use high enough SS to freeze motion


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