Which point and shoot compact digital camera is best for my needs?

Started Oct 12, 2012 | Questions thread
John Koch Senior Member • Posts: 1,138
Need sensor 1/1.7" or larger, and wide aperture, for good low light

Cy Cheze wrote:

If you need high quality indoor / low light pictures, you'll need a model with a sensor that is 1/2.7" or larger.

A typo?  The best compacts for low light have sensors larger than the 1/2.3" standard for most P&S, including the zoom models.   The RX100 sensor is about 1/1".  The XZ-1 and LX7 use 1/1.8".

Don't dream of good low light results with smaller sensors, unless you use flash or a tripod.  Some models allow high ISO, or merge six shots digitally, to allow for faster shutter speed, which is better than nothing, but look good only on small prints or screens.

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