A Nobel to the European Union - just a piccie

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Re: A Nobel to the European Union - just a piccie

The m4/3 forum is getting increasingly boring these times.  So let's digress.

So, EU, hope you maintain your hard fought rights to healthcare, quality public education, 6 week vacations (a dream here in the States) intact. And hope you pull through this mess with the EU intact.  After the terrible wars of the past century, not all that far back in the rear view mirror, these times are a test but by no means one of that scale.  And that thus far the EU has been instrumental in promoting peace and democracy during the current strife in the Middle East, this despite no certain results, is I think praiseworthy.

Initially all these "rights" were made possible thanks to the great economic growth post WWII, cheap energy, accessible natural resources, favorable demographics, less health spending, considerable productivity gains, better competitiveness and a number of circumstances not here anymore.

The problem is with "rights", it leads to entitlement, people believing it's a right while tax is a steal. Whereas it's just a supposedly optimal collective management of certain resources and individuals should feel responsible for funding the system and when benefiting from it, and ultimately understanding the system needs sound management and reform when expenses far outgrow resources.

So in many countries we will not be able to maintain these rights, at least the current or recent level of welfare (health expenses, retirement pensions...). We have to adapt. It does not mean tearing down the system.

Resources are not infinite (energy, food, water, material...). The only currently virtually infinite resource is (human) labor and it's not improving.  Hence unemployment and temptation to dismiss increasingly expensive "rights" as finite resources become increasingly looked for and costlier, and deter the expansion of available "labor" by making it less enviable to become "labor", a commodity.

I am sorry if my reasoning is a bit harsh but I am a pragmatic. Just to say the EU social model should not be seen as a truly viable example.

Based on your description I believe you are experiencing something similar in the US. The energy crisis made you envision the end of your social model based on equal opportunity and the hope of a brighter future for lower classes as long as they worked hard. You may have found new sources of energy, you still lack water. Still a big question mark for the future.

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